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3DPrinterOS and Ultimaker Host Free 3D Printing Classes at the Brooklyn Public Library

3D Printing Classes

Interest in 3D printing is steadily increasing—according to CNET, this past year at the CES Conference in Las Vegas, 57 3D printers were showcased, double the amount from the 2014 show. As the popularity continues to grow, an effort to make 3D printers more accessible and affordable for consumers and hobbyists is growing. Ultimaker, a leading 3Dprinter manufacturer, and 3DPrinterOS, the cloud operating system for 3D printing, are teaming up together to offer free classes on the basics of 3D printing technology.

An upcoming class free of charge will be held on February 28, 2015 at the Brooklyn Public Library in New York. This class is perfect for those looking to start learning about 3D printing technology and its applications. Attendees are given a chance to ask questions, become familiar with how the printer works, how the print process happens and different types of printing technology. All guests will be given free access to 3DPrinterOS and can expect to take home a 3D printed object. Ultimaker and 3DPrinterOS anticipate hosting more classes in other communities in the near future.

Ultimaker 3D Printer

Ultimaker has recently launched the Ultimaker² Go and Ultimaker² Extended at CES 2015, two cutting-edge desktop 3D printers that are available for pre-order in March 2015 and will be made available in April 2015. The releases of these two new 3D printers are following the success of its top-rated Ultimaker². The Ultimaker² Go is compact 3D printer that is the perfect solution for makers who want to start with 3D printing on a premium level while the Ultimaker² Extended is a larger 3D printer that boasts some of the highest speed and accuracy found on any desktop 3D printer.

For more information and to sign up to attend the class visit:

Consumer Electronics Show 2015

CES-LogoThe international Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) 2015 conference was held this past week from January 6-9 in Las Vegas, NV. Each year, the international CES features a wide range of products and companies from consumer technology markets that attracts more than 3,600 exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of attendees from more than 140 countries. At the heart of attention, the exhibit floor, which was spread out across more than 2 million square feet of hotel and convention center space, was packed with on-lookers. The conferences allow innovators to showcase their latest prototypes, preview products and announce new releases. The diversity of the product categories is vast and includes electronic gaming, 3D printing and robotics to name a few. Some of this year’s most anticipated products on display include 4K Televisions, Smartwatches, 3D printing and self-driving cars.


3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker announced at CES 2015 the launch of the Ultimaker² Go and Ultimaker² Extended, two cutting-edge desktop 3D printers. Both models are pre-order from March 2015 and available from April 2015. Built with premium parts and materials, these 3D printers bring imagination to life with high definition printing technology. The new Ultimaker² Go and Ultimaker² Extended follow the success of the top-rated Ultimaker², which was awarded best in shootout 2015 from Make Magazine and best consumer product at the 3D Printshow global awards 2014. The Ultimaker 2 Extended has the capability to print objects up to 10 inches tall, while the Ultimaker 2 Go is smaller, more compact and portable printer for on-the-go. The two new desktop models were created to help with the needs of businesses and consumers and provide an affordable alternative for at 3D printers. The purposeful sizing of the printers complements Ultimaker’s previously released 3D printer, the Ultimaker 2.



You can check the machines out in action on USA Today here:

Paramount Public Relation’s Client Highlights of 2014


It has been a busy year here at PPR, our clients have been doing some exciting things. From launching a new care booking site to partnering with the Marriott Hotels, here are a few highlights from 2014:

  1. Chicago Travelers Eat Well: Farmer’s Fridge, a new vending kiosk concept that dispenses gourmet salads and snacks made fresh daily with over 15 locations in the Chicagoland area, added a new location at the Chicago Marriot O’Hare hotel. Chicago Marriott O’Hare reached out to Farmer’s Fridge this year to be a part of their Travel Brilliantly campaign, offering Marriott travelers healthy on-the-go meal options made with local, fresh ingredients.
  2. Big Success in a Short Time: SuiteHop, the online marketplace for fans to book full suites as well as individual seats in suites across the country, announced the completeion of $1 million in equity funding this year. SuiteHop creates access to luxury suites with amenities to concerts and sports games around the country by allowing fans to purchase extra tickets to suites that would have otherwise gone unused. Even though SuiteHop was only launched this year, they recently announced they have over $5 million of inventory for booking luxury suites at more than 550 events nationwide.
  3. Celebrity “It” Drink at the Emmys: HYDRIVE Energy Water jetted to Los Angeles to hang out with some of their favorite TV stars for a little pre-Emmy fun this August. Emmy red carpet host Ross Mathews and actors from Emmy-nominated shows such as Veep actor Matt Walsh, Michael Gill from House of Cards, Game of Thrones actress Sibel Kekilli, RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad and more enjoyed a low-calorie and refreshing boost from HYDRIVE Energy Water before the event.
  4. Give Back to Charity While Talking on a Cell Phone: GIV Mobile continues to appeal to customers nationwide with their new all-time low $20 Unlimited talk and text plan with 150g of data. This consumer conscious no-contract service plan donates 8% of each customer’s monthly plan amount to up to three charities of the customer’s choice.
  5. A Unique Thanksgiving: This year,, a website that connects travelers and locals over home cooked meals, connected over 1,000 on Thanksgiving through their ThanksSharing initiative. Whether a person was traveling, alone for the holiday or simply wanted a different experience—ThanksSharing helped connect people over home cooked meals for the special occasion.
  6. Company, the only FREE “Open Table” of family and pet care services, launched this year.’s streamlined platform allows users to directly book interviews, single or repeated appointments and communicate with providers through real-time availability—plus online payment is available, eliminating any in-person transactions.
  7. Grand Opening Event: Our team had a blast attending Granite City’s Grand Opening Event this October in Naperville, IL. The polished casual Modern American restaurant features a wide variety of dishes prepared from made-from-scratch recipes as well as an on-site microbrewery. The new Naperville location is the 31st restaurant that celebrates gourmet food and drink in a family-friendly atmosphere.


Mealsharing.Com Hosts Second Annual “Thankssharing”

meals announces its second annual “ThanksSharing” to promote food and togetherness for the classic American holiday. Dubbed the “AirBnB of Home Cooked Meals,” connects hosts and guests in more than 450 cities worldwide over home cooked meals. This year, will continue its ThanksSharing initiative to connect thousands of people over one very special meal—Thanksgiving.

“Last year’s ThanksSharing helped people enjoy a meal with others who otherwise would have been eating alone,” says Jay Savsani, founder of “As a popular celebration that promotes people coming together over food, ThanksSharing does just that—whether a person is traveling, alone for the holiday or simply wants a different experience—ThanksSharing is helping connect people over home cooked meals for a special occasion.”

To host a ThanksSharing event, hosts simply create a meal on specifying what they are making, how many people can come to their table and the optional “chip-in” price per person to help offset the cost of ingredients. Then, by selecting ThanksSharing as the type of meal, guests from around the world can easily search and join a ThanksSharing dinner with one click. A special ThanksSharing webpage for those seeking a meal will also be readily available, with even a potluck feature to promote community involvement.

In addition, ThanksSharing hosts will be able to raise money for local food banks through the platform. To urge participation, will offer meal credits to any hosts that open up their table to guests for ThanksSharing. To join the community and host a ThanksSharing meal, please visit

ABOUT MEALSHARING.COM A global leader in the new “sharing economy” trend, is a website that connects travelers and locals over home cooked meals with the goal to build more connected communities through approachable, home cooking. Founder Jay Savsani created after experiencing an unforgettable, home cooked meal experience while traveling in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Available in more than 450 cities worldwide, has the more places to eat in homes than any other website. Anyone can host or attend a meal by visiting and hosting or requesting a meal. Hosts can accommodate one or many guests per meal and an optional “chip in” is available to help offset the price of ingredients.  Afterwards, guests and hosts review their experience for trust and safety. For more information, please visit

Farmer’s Fridge on Fox Business National News!

This week, Founder of Farmer’s Fridge Luke Saunders appeared on Fox Business National News’ “Money With Melissa Francis” discussing the business behind Farmer’s Fridge.

Luke discussed how unlike other vending machines on the market that sell candy and soda, Farmer’s Fridge’s goal is to have a “more distributed healthy food network.”

Farmer’s Fridge will be installing a vending kiosk every day until the end of February, with the goal to eventually become a national brand.

Watch the full video here:

Change the Way You Don’t Answer Phone Calls with CallSnap!

Chicago-based TIP Solutions has partnered with tech investor and former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal to spread the word about the new ways it lets customers respond to phone calls.

TIP Solutions’ first product is free Android app CallSnap, which allows users to decline calls by sending a picture, clip-art image or recorded voice message in return.

Company president Michael Unetich expects the photo-sharing and communications combo will resonate with teens and 20-somethings. A user who’s at a concert, for example, could skip the incoming call while sending back a picture of that scene.

Since the app launched in mid-2013, the company said, it has been downloaded 80,000 times worldwide, a figure Unetich hopes will balloon with the help of O’Neal, who also has a stake in the company. He’ll promote it online and at tech conferences.

“I’ve always tried to be ahead of the curve in technology and am drawn to companies that are unique and innovative,” O’Neal wrote in a statement emailed to Blue Sky Innovation.

Next up is the Smart Calls Platform, a firmware-based call management technology that is built into phones at the time of manufacturing. Its two features are HOLD-ON!, which allows users to “politely delay the pickup of incoming calls,” and GOT-CALL, which connects and plays a recorded message that acknowledges the call and explains the user will respond later. Unetich said these tools help stave off “hammer callers,” or those who hit redial until someone finally picks up.

India’s Spice Mobility is testing the sale of 50,000 Smart Calls-enabled phones to assess demand. Unetich said Indian consumers like the voice-response option, which allows users to communicate in any language. Though the service is now free, customers will likely pay a monthly fee of about 75 cents to use the service in the future.

TIP Solutions’ third product, Call Check, alerts users to calls missed while off the network — while on a plane, for example, or while their phone is turned off. Unetich said business travelers, particularly those in sales, have a desire to capture every call, regardless of whether the caller left a voicemail. Unetich plans to roll out Call Check with a $1.99 monthly fee on Android by the end of March, with an iPhone version coming by mid-year.

Though visual voicemail and responding with a text are already popular, Jan Dawson, chief analyst at consumer-technology firm Jackdaw Research, sees a general shift away from voice-based communication that may create space for more tools like these.

“This kind of space has always existed,” Dawson said. “People have always tried to innovate, but nobody’s really made a business out of it on a sustainable basis.” That’s because the big guys often put out their own versions of popular features.

Unetich isn’t able to get CallSnap into iPhones since Apple limits developers from manipulating the incoming call screen. For now the app will be limited to Android.

The same goes for Smart Calls technology, so Unetich wants to license the firmware to Chinese carriers who can bake the technology into their devices.

Unetich said getting picked up by one of the top-tier manufacturers such as Samsung, LG or HTC is one of his main goals for 2014. Maybe then he can put a dent in the global call-management market.

Enter to Win a $100 AmEx Gift Card from Farmer’s Fridge, a New Healthy Vending Machine Concept Taking Chicago by Storm


Farmer’s Fridge, a new healthy vending machine concept, invites all healthy eaters of Chicago to participate in their contest for a chance to win a $100 AmEx gift card! To participate, contestants are asked to submit a photo of themselves in front of either of the two Farmer’s Fridge kiosks (SEE PHOTO BELOW) located at Garvey Food Court (201 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL) or Lake Forest Tollway Oasis (13783 W Tollway Oasis Srv Rd. Lake Forest, IL) with the hashtag #FarmersFridge on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The image for each location with the most likes by January 31st will win!

Paramount Public Relation’s Client Highlights of 2013

Within the last year, Paramount’s clients have done some pretty amazing things! From launching a new salad vending kiosk to jet setting to New York City for a media tour, here are some highlights from 2013:

  1. Hilarity for Charity Pre-Launch Party: GIV Mobile was the presenting sponsor for Seth Rogan’s Hilarity for Charity™, a night of comedy, to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association® in Los Angeles in April. The event served as their pre-launch for their new no-contract wireless service that donates 8% of a customer’s monthly bill to charity. Top media placements included: InStyle, Hollywood Reporter, Just Jared, E! Online, USA Today and more.
  2. Chicago Half Marathon: This year, US Road Sports hosted their 17th Annual Chicago Half Marathon. Runners enjoyed a beautiful course along scenic Lake Shore Drive with great views of the Chicago skyline, starting and finishing in Jackson Park. The post-race party in Jackson Park featured free Michelob ULTRA beer, food and live music! Top media placements included: Yahoo!, Chicago Sun-Times, WLS-TV, CBS, Active, Runner’s World and more!
  3. New Vending Trend – Fresh Salads: Farmer’s Fridge, a new healthy vending machine concept that delivers delicious gourmet salads and snacks to customers via automated kiosks around the Chicagoland area, launched in November. This unique concept gives Chicagoans the chance to eat healthier on-the-go! Top media placements included: Chicago Grid, Daily Candy, WGN-TV, Chicagoist and PureWOW.
  4. Solixir Working Dead Campaign: Solixir launched their innovative marketing and advertising campaign titled “The Working Dead,” which hit the streets of Chicago on April 1, 2013. A play off of the popular television series “The Walking Dead,” Solixir’s campaign employed advertising dominations at Chicago’s elevated rapid transit system or the “El,” and worked its way around Chicago’s historic commercial center the “Loop.” Top media placements included: The Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Beverage Magazine and more!
  5. New York City Media Tour: This month Paramount Public Relations accompanied Beckett Simonon on their first New York City media tour to promote their new Goodyear Welted footwear collection. The new company utilizes a direct-to-consumer business model, providing consumers shoes that are stylish, well-crafted and affordable. Desk side meetings included Glamour, People, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Journal and more.
  6. Fall Fashion Preview: Tsubo Footwear hosted their Fall Fashion Preview at Heritage Bicycles and involved several local business like antique taco and virtue cider. The event included two bicycle giveaways, an interactive photo booth from Smile Booth and an on-site Tsubo representative. Top media placements included: WGN-TV, Clothes Horse, Garmental, Chicago Shopping and more.
  7. Gold Bond on the Today Show: Gold Bond’s new No-Mess Powder Spray was featured on “Bobbie’s Buzz” on the Today Show as one of the “must have” sprays of the summer. Plus, Gold Bond received a new celebrity spokesperson – SHAQ!
  8. Holiday Beauty Bar Event: Johnathan Breitung Salon & Luxury Spa hosted Halfstack Magazine’s Holiday Beauty Bar in November where they provided attendees with complimentary facials, manicures, hair consults and great food. Top media placement included: Chicago Magazine, Cheeky Chicago, WGN News TV and many more!
  9. TIP Solutions Launches CallSnap App: CallSnap a new Android app that allows anyone to instantly respond to an incoming phone call with a personalized photo, launched this year at CTIA. Media highlights include Crain’s Chicago Business, PCWorld, WGN-TV, Upstart Business Journal, Laptop Magazine and more.

New “ThanksSharing” Initiative from Ensures No One Eats Alone This Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving coming up this Thursday,, a website that connects travelers and locals over home cooked meals, has created “ThanksSharing” for people who can’t be with their families this Thanksgiving.

Perfect for anyone who can’t make it home for the Holiday, is connecting these people with a host who need a place to enjoy a home cooked meal this Thursday.

How it works:

To find a meal, guests can log on the website, review a host’s meal profile and request a meal. If the host accepts, the two parties may then message back and until the meal is set. Hosts can accommodate one or many guests per meal. Afterwards, users and hosts review their experience.

Meal Sharing plans to make ThanksSharing an annual tradition with hopes that no one will eat alone on the popular American holiday. To join the community and host a ThanksSharing meal, please visit

Beckett Simonon’s New Goodyear Welted Collection

Paramount Public Relations, Inc. has been assisting with the launch of Beckett Simonon’s new Goodyear Welted collection, which contains beautiful, high-quality men’s shoes for under $139. Beckett Simonon is a a leading online retailer of men’s footwear that sells high-end footwear, including their new Goodyear Welted collection, at an amazingly affordable price. What is Goodyear Welt? A type of shoe construction that is the gold standard for American, high quality shoes. However, most Goodyear Welted shoes these days are well over $300 and not in the budget for many men.

But Beckett Simonon footwear is styled for a “new breed of gentlemen” that want to look dapper but are also price conscious.

Thanks to Beckett Simonon’s direct-to-consumer business model, Beckett Simonon is able to offer their shoes at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. Instead, Beckett Simonon is taking the extra money needed to go through retailers and putting it right back in the customer’s pocket. Plus, free shipping!

Pretty awesome we’d say!

For more information, visit!


Online-Only Men’s Footwear Retailer Offers High End Product Collection at an Affordable Price

Beckett Simonon, a leading online retailer of men’s footwear, announces the launch of their new Goodyear Welted collection, which is available for under $139 thanks to the company’s unique direct-to-consumer business model. Styled for a “new breed of gentleman,” Beckett Simonon is ideal for American men who want to look dapper but are also price conscious.

As the American gold-standard in quality shoe construction, Goodyear Welt construction* is most commonly found in expensive shoe brands that typically cost more than $300, however, since Beckett Simonon bypasses all “middleman” retailer costs and ships all their products directly to consumers free of charge, they are able to offer their Goodyear Welted collection at an affordable price without sacrificing quality.

“We see a huge gap in the men’s footwear market. It’s outrageous that well-made leather shoes retail above $300. We operate without the complex layers of big businesses (no middlemen, no distributors, no expensive physical stores, etc.) so we can offer the same quality products for a much more affordable price,” says Andres Niño, CEO and co-founder of Beckett Simonon. “By selling directly to consumers we bypass the traditional retail markup, around 2.5X, so we are technically selling to consumers at wholesale prices.”

Highlights of the Goodyear Welted collection include:


“Beckett Simonon is a great alternative for guys who want to look dapper but are also price conscious.  Good style doesn’t end with a nice suit or well-fitted clothes, there are also shoes, but very few guys can afford to spend $300+ on a pair of fine shoes,” says Nicholas Hurtado, lead designer and co-founder.

Beckett Simonon is the only online footwear company to sell Goodyear Welted construction shoes under $139, setting them apart from competitors with equivalent craftsmanship and materials but retailing above $300.


As the American gold-standard in quality shoe construction, Goodyear Welt construction holds together the sole, insole and upper sole with one thick stitch and a leather welt. Between the insole and outsole is a cork layer that creates a custom-like footbed, which makes the shoe breathable and flexible.


Beckett Simonon is a leading online retailer of affordable men’s footwear. Launched in 2012 by Co-founders Andres Niño and Nicholas Hurtado, Beckett Simonon is a direct-to-consumer value-oriented brand that sells shoes to a new breed of gentlemen who want to look good but are price conscious. Beckett Simonon’s newest Goodyear Welted collection utilizes the gold standard for high-quality shoe construction while being sold at an affordable price. For more information, please visit