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Paramount PR Intern’s View on Client: Haastyle

I’m a graphic design student (as well as a Paramount PR intern) who’s always looking to network and work on my skill set. So I definitely didn’t want to miss the chance to check out digital collage artist Nick Haas’ ( demonstration of his process at the Apple Store this past Tuesday. Nick did a nice job at the demo of explaining his process as a visual artist and sharing a few tech tips for users of Adobe Photoshop.

His collage pieces start with his gritty Chicago photography, and utilize a few cool Photoshop functions to combine the photos into abstract compositions that maintain his urban aesthetic. Here are two of Nick’s professional techniques that can help Photoshoppers work with images and practice their own collage work:

  • When working with a photo, select Image>Adjust>Curves from the toolbar to access the Curves dialog. Try messing around with the axis on the grid displayed to change the light/dark range of the photo to improve its clarity or integrate it better into your collage.
  • · Once you’ve dropped several images into different layers, use blend modes to combine them and take your composition to the next level. Experiment with the five primary blend modes: multiply, screen, overlay, color, and luminosity (found in the layers palette), to get different effects.

Be sure to check out Nick’s work at for more inspiration!

Nick Gorski