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MakeSpace Expands On-Demand Storage Service to Chicago


Chicagoans now have a new high-tech way to store their stuff—MakeSpace, “Your Closet in the Cloud,” is thrilled to announce the beloved five-star rated on-demand storage solution is now available in Chicago.

MakeSpace transforms the way we think of storage, whether we have seasonal items, live in a small apartment, or simply need to store items we won’t need for a while. Here’s how it works—with just a few clicks, MakeSpace delivers bins to users’ doors ($25/month to store four large (three cubic feet) bins). Once users pack their belongings into the bins, MakeSpace has them picked up from their door and then creates a photo catalog of each bin; so stored items are viewable and retrievable at any time.


Through a partnership with Goodwill, MakeSpace will also bring users a laundry-sized Goodwill x MakeSpace bag, collect donations and drop off at a local Goodwill facility, free of charge.

For those residing outside of New York City, Chicago and D.C., MakeSpace partners with UPS to bring the same hassle-free experience with its MakeSpace Air service. With MakeSpace Air, users can request durable boxes be shipped to their door and picked up whenever they want. More information on the MakeSpace Air service can be found here.

MakeSpace has received total funding of $10.1 million from investors including Upfront Ventures, Founders Fund, entertainer turned business mogul Ashton Kutcher, and New York Knicks superstar and digital athlete Carmelo Anthony, among others.

 Check out their website for more information!