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Twitter Analytics Now Available for Everyone and what it means for the Average User

Previously only available to advertising partners, Twitter analytics is now available to all users! Stacey Miller at PR Daily released a “cheat sheet” to guide the less analytics savvy through the important new feature.

The cheat sheet shows the average twitter user how to find the analytics page, and explains the different features. The three features are Timeline Activity, Followers and Websites. The first two are the most important for analytics. Timeline Activity shows the last 30 days of tweets and how they performed among followers, as well as mentions, follows and unfollows. Follower analytics shows a chart of  followers and their demographics over time.

This new feature is important for individuals and businesses using Twitter to build a following and spread awareness, for a brand, message or just their online presence. Our personal brand has never been more important to employers and analytics can help everyone develop and build their influence.

For the full cheat sheet head over to PR Daily and read the rest of Stacey Miller’s tips! PPR has been taking notes.

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