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Chicago Ideas Week 2014


Chicago Ideas Week, an event that brings together hundreds of the world’s brightest thought leaders to inspire, connect and activate the city of Chicago started Monday, October 13 and will continue through Sunday, October 19. Chicago Ideas Week is made up of talks, summits, labs and conversations covering a variety of different topics. Featured speakers throughout the week have included Emmy-nominated & Academy Award–nominated Actress Joan Cusack, “New York Times” Best-selling Author and Founder of The Chopra Foundation, Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Founder and President of National Action Network, Reverend Al Sharpton.

Every year, inspiring entrepreneurs give us insight on the upcoming trends and technology. Farmer’s Fridge, a healthy vending kiosk, provided Chicago Ideas Week attendees fresh salads, full meals and snacks with their two pop-up kiosks at the Thorne Auditorium and the Cadillac Palace Theatre. Farmer’s Fridge epitomizes what Chicago Ideas Week is all about: creativity and innovation melded together to make the world a better place. These pop-up kiosks have been designed in partnership with local up and coming artist Mauricio Ramirez, who is based out of the Lacuna Artist Lofts and an avid fan of Farmer’s Fridge’s salads and mission.

Another upcoming entrepreneur in the food industry is Founder of Jay Savsani, who spoke on the “Sharing Economy” panel this past Thursday, October 16. While traveling in Siem Reap, Cambodia founder Jay Savsani decided that he wanted to experience real culture by eating home cooked meals instead of sticking to traditional restaurant establishments, leading him to found is available worldwide, allowing anyone to find a meal or host their own by using MealSharing’s easily formatted website.

Chicago ideas week isn’t over yet! Some upcoming events to look out for are:

Creative Process: The Impulsive, Calculated, Evolving, Joyful, Maddening Journey from Idea to Reality

  • What do a ventriloquist, an Academy Award-nominated actress, two globe-trotting entrepreneurs and a self-proclaimed food geek have in common? A creative drive that leads to unique, evolving and evocative art. Get a glimpse into the creative mind as our speakers take you from TV script to hit show, recipe to avant garde meal, canvas shoe to walking work of art and more.

You Are Beautiful

  • Meet the artist behind Chicago’s powerful You Are Beautiful campaign: Matthew Hoffman. Join him for a walking field trip through the city and continue the inspirational campaign by placing You Are Beautiful stickers that will brighten others’ days. Arrive with outdoor clothes and good intentions.

Humboldt Park Latin Sandwich Bicycle Crawl with the Hungry Hound

  • Discover Humboldt Park, via your stomach. ABC 7’s Hungry Hound, Steve Dolinsky, will lead a bike tour through the neighborhood, stopping for a classic Cuban sandwich at Senor Pan Cafe, a cemita at Cemitas Puebla and Chicago’s own original sandwich, the jibarito, at La Palma Puerto Rican.  Come prepared to do a little riding—and a fair amount of eating.

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