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Tips on How to Improve Communication Through Twitter

With over 1 billion people using social networks today, social media has become an extremely influential mode of communication. Knowing appropriate social media guidelines can help improve the messages you are sending to your friends and followers through statuses, tweets and photos. An info graphic by PR Daily provides nine tips to effectively communicate through tweets below:

  1. Use no more than two hashtags per tweet
  2. Avoid slang and abbreviations
  3. Don’t be afraid to use symbols
  4. Avoid capitalizing words (unless you want to look like you are yelling)
  5. Emphasis on keywords with brackets
  6. Use link shortening services
  7. Leave empty space
  8. Link your tweet to a website, blog or other social media
  9. Motivate readers to engage with your content

Check out their info graphic for more tips:

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