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6 Ways to Irritate a Journalist or Blogger and Blow Your Chance at Big Time Exposure

Journalists and bloggers are constantly receiving pitches from PR pros working to get their clients media coverage. An online mention from a respected journalist or blogger can mean big things for a client, but irritating them and losing the opportunity is extremely easy.

Christine OKelly from Dashburst recently asked a group of journalists and bloggers what people do that drives them crazy when they submit pitches or material and then compiled them into a list for the rest of the PR community to take notes from. Below are the six reasons your pitch will definitely be skipped over:

1. Not understanding the publication’s focus

2. Receiving promotional contributions

3. Receiving already-used content

4. Ignoring the publisher’s guidelines

5. Receiving poorly edited content

6. Receiving non-personalized pitches

Check out the article for more in-depth information about each reason.

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