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Newsweek to End Print Publication by the End of 2012

After over 80 years of service, prominent print magazine, Newsweek will end all print publishing by the end of this year. According to the news came from the Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown in an online message posted on The Daily Beast. The Daily Beast and Newsweek made headlines in 2012 when the two merged. In her message, Brown stated that staff would continue to publish a digital magazine called Newsweek Global, which customers would pay for and The Daily Beast would continue to be a free website.

Although the news of a print publication going under is hardly surprising, Newsweek is a major publication and the fact that it will no longer be available in print speaks volumes for the ever changing landscape of digital media. More and more publications are choosing to eliminate their print editions entirely because of the severe amount of money they are losing. For example, Newsweek has an estimated $40 million in losses annually. Something they hope to turn around with the elimination of printed editions.

In its heyday Newsweek would often compete with Time magazine weekly for breaking stories and eye-catching covers. Now that Newsweek’s print has been given the ax, the biggest question to be asked now is what will become of “Time” print editions?