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Contagious Kindness: Kleenex Releases New Advertising Campaign

someone needs one

Kleenex® just launched “Time for a Change” a new, touching television ad campaign that is spreading thoughtful positive action across the nation. According to an AdAge article, the campaign features people coming to others’ rescue in emotional distress with the tagline “Someone Needs One.” The video shows a boy giving a girl a Kleenex® because she is crying, reassuring her “people think boys are loud and immature and don’t care about feelings, but they’re wrong.”

“This ad draws on insight from a survey that showed 50% of people in the United States say they’ve missed an opportunity to show someone they cared,” said Eric Higgs, general manager of Kleenex® Brand. “Here’s a brand designed to provide care and uplift.” Kleenex® is continuing the trend of contagious kindness with this ad, similar to video ads launched in February to encourage sharing pocket packs with those in need.

“I don’t think care is ever going out of style,” said Higgs. “I think this has the potential to be the spark that makes caring contagious.”

Kleenex® is going further than television ads with the “Someone Needs One” campaign. On Kleenex®’s website, people can also now share a message of care by creating and sending a personal Kleenex® Careboard message spelled with the soft touch of Kleenex® tissues. Kleenex® “will be demonstrating the importance of timely care through a multi-platform commercial program including documentary-style videos featuring compelling, real-life stories of people showing meaningful gestures of care throughout the U.S.”

The broader campaign includes a partnership with Facebook to target video ads based on users’ demographics, stated interests and time of day. The videos capture people’s real-life moments of care and show that the simplest actions at the right time can be the most touching.

Kleenex®’s new ad campaign is helping contagious kindness go viral as well as testing how effective kindness can really be in advertising.

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