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Move Over Facebook And Twitter – Meet Pinterest

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Social media has become a useful tool and medium that is transforming the way PR professionals can generate awareness and engagement for clients. While Facebook and Twitter remain popular, there are upcoming sites to not overlook, particularly Pinterest. According to an Ahalogy survey cited by Forbes, Pinterest has passed Twitter in terms of popularity and is expected to grow in the U.S. The social media site can vary from products, recipes, reviews and how-to’s which makes this tool useful for a variety of clients. One of the most important parts about Pinterest is that all content posted is linked back to its original source, so users can receive more in-depth information of where to find and buy the products that grab their attention.

An article recently posted on PR Daily reveals the top reasons PR professionals shouldn’t let Pinterest fall off their radar – here are some of our favorites:

  • Social media users admire Pinterest.

In the most recent American Consumer Satisfaction Index, Pinterest outranked every other social media site, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Overall, social media websites are among the worst-performing companies tracked by the index.

Pinterest “has made steady gains with pinners over the past three years, but improved features and search functions now push Pinterest to the top of the social media category for the first time,” the index says.

  • It’s fertile turf.

According to Growth Devil, a consulting agency that helps startups grow, Pinterest boasts a 50 percent higher conversion rate than any other social media site that directs people to products. Furthermore, Growth Devil says, Pinterest users regularly spend more money, more often than users of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google+.

  • There’s room for growth.

Ahalogy’s survey showed that men were 36 percent more likely than women to have tried Pinterest for the first time in the previous six months. And, as Forbes noted, “there are a lot fewer women who’ve never tried Pinterest to begin with.”

Check out PR Daily’s article for more reasons why you shouldn’t overlook Pinterest here: