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3 Tasks to Accomplish Before Taking Time Off


With Independence Day just around the corner, many working professionals are looking forward to a long weekend away from the office. Before jetting off to a tropical destination, loose ends need to be tied up at work. Cori Sue Morris highlights 6 tasks to cross off your to-do list before leaving for vacation on Levo League, here are our top 3:

1.       Send Off Items for Review

Keep projects on-task in your absence by sending documents off for review in advance. “Whether it’s a quarterly report, project for a client or a PowerPoint for new business strategy, a lengthy document delivered to a supervisor in advance of your vacation keeps the work moving along the project timeline while you’re on the beach”, Morris says. Your colleagues and supervisor will be discussing your efforts while you’re gone, so you’ll be out of sight but not out of mind.

2.       Organize Files in a Public Space

“In advance of your departure, edit, label and organize relevant files in an easily accessible folder on your organization’s shared drive, server or cloud”, Morris advises. Avoid leaving your coworkers hanging by granting them access to all your essential documents. After organizing your documents, organize your office as well! After a relaxing weekend, you’ll want to return to a clean desk.

3.       Set Your Out-of-Office the Right Way

Vacations are meant for relaxation and rejuvenation, not constantly checking email. Set a professional out-of-office message by listing “the contact information for your substitutes, a link to your files on the shared drive, and the date of your return”. Power down your iPhone and enjoy great weather and great company!

Preparing for a vacation is almost as important as the vacation itself. Follow these steps to ensure a smoothly-running trip that will leave you feeling rested, focused and motivated.

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