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Facebook + Skype = A Match Made in Social Media Heaven?

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook has partnered with Skype to enable video chatting in Facebook’s Chat platform.  Though this partnership of giants should not come as a huge surprise, it is still fun to ponder what this holds for the future of communication.  Facebook has over 750 million users and Skype is extremely popular for across the globe communicating via the Web and is even used by businesses to conduct meetings thousands of miles apart.  Is it possible that in a few short years all the social media utilized every day, from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn to FourSquare, could all join together into one super-site?  It certainly appears that way.  This would make life that much easier and that much more interconnected.

While it remains to be seen how well the Facebook-Skype merge works, and how much users take advantage of it, it’s sure to be a pretty popular addition to the Facebook platform.  One thing is for sure: Facebook seems to be on a quest to prove there’s nothing it cannot do.  Expect this newest merge to affect all areas that social media reaches: advertising, public relations, marketing, business, social interaction, etc.  It’s too early to tell exactly in what ways it will affect those areas, but it should make a pretty big splash.