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Toyota’s Media Crisis!

Here is a great assessment of Toyota’s recent media crisis from industry expert Andy Gilman, president and owner of CommCore Consulting Group. Andy worked on the Tylenol crisis years back and has great industry insight and experience.

Assessing Mr. Toyoda’s Role Through the Ongoing Recall Crisis at Toyota

As the recall at Toyota turns from a crisis to a long term saga that impacts the company’s reputation, the company is finally doing many of the right things and trying to avoid missteps. The full-page advertisements in 20 national newspapers, the helplines and emails, the updates and webpage buttons are all well and good and necessary. While these efforts may be too late to pacify many disgruntled customers, dealers and stakeholders, apologies are finally coming from North America heads (namely North American CEO Jim Lentz) and other company spokespeople. CEO Akio Toyoda was even quoted as recently as this past weekend saying he was “very sorry” to a local Japanese auto trade publication.  To read the full post, please visit