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How to Make the Most of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most valuable resources for working professionals, but few users understand every feature the site has to offer. Sylvan Lane shares “8 Tips and Tricks for LinkedIn Power Users” on Mashable and here are our top 3:

1. Set up anonymous profile viewing

Though Lane admits “it’s natural to want to delve a little deeper into someone’s professional past,” LinkedIn automatically notifies users when their profile is viewed. By changing profile settings to anonymous, one can search the LinkedIn network without the fear of appearing creepy.

2. Ask connections to leave you recommendations

The point of making connections on LinkedIn is so friends and colleagues can bolster your professional profile. While it might be awkward to ask for these endorsements, “these recommendations add immediate credibility and depth to your experience,” Lane notes. LinkedIn connections are mutually beneficial relationships, so don’t forget to recommend others as well.

3. Save job searches and receive email alerts

One of LinkedIn’s most helpful resources is its job search tool. Don’t have time to sift through lengthy job postings? Save searches and opt to receive email alerts daily, weekly or monthly. This is the perfect way to make LinkedIn “work for you, as you look for work yourself,” Lane concludes. Your dream job could be hiding in your inbox disguised as an email from LinkedIn!

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